GOCODE: Coding Classes for Children & Teens by Computer Science Ph.D from Japan

Welcome to Gocode Coding Academy In Malaysia

We are the Fastest Growing Computer Science Academy in Malaysia From Japan

Our Mission is to Create 1,000,000 Programmers

Why Gocode?

GOCODE Methods was created by Dr.Ganesan (Ph.D) in Tokyo,Japan during his Computer Science PHD Course, to help kids, teens and adults to learn coding. At GOCODE we focus more on pragmatic learning - which we call ’learn by discovery’. We focus on all our students on a specially design curriculum for building games, apps and utilise robots. We believe that unlocking our students’ passion is the key to their success. All the GOCODE mentors have been trained and certified with GOCODE Methods, the same methods used in Tokyo are also implemented in Malaysia.

Logical Thinking

GOCODE students will learn how to conceptualise their ideas and follow up by a solid action plan.

Problem Solving Skills

GOCODE students will develop a problem solving mindset by going through complex programming problems and overcoming them.

Communication Skills

GOCODE students are able to present their ideas in a clear and concise way.

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What is CODING

Coding is another name for computer programming, is how we communicate with computer which is one of the most important skills for 21st century. It is the process of giving a computer a set of instructions to accomplish a task.Code in another words, it tells the computer what action to take. When you tap a button on your computer or phone, code runs(execute) to tell the computer or phone what to do.

Why Learn CODING

Coding is difficult, it requires research, teamwork, keen analytical skills and lots of concentration. It is also super fun and can be incredibly rewarding. Learning to code can help kids and adults to think in a more structured way and break problems down into smaller problems and processes. Learning to code is a never ending process, it is a skill for life and it promotes 'Life long learning' as the field of Computer Science continues to grow.

Core Modules

Here in Gocode, our modules are designed for people from all walks of life to ensure the most enjoyable learning experience.


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